What is a Flower CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A Flower CSA is very similar to a traditional vegetable CSA. Members invest money into the flower farm at the beginning of the season and receive weekly/bi-weekly flower bouquets during the bloom season. With our flowers will add some amazing colour to your home, fresh from the farm each week.

For more information on CSA click here

What is the season? What kind of flowers will you have? 

Our season begins early June and ends late August/early September.

We grow countless of plants, mostly perennial but also some annuals every year. We keep experimenting and extending our collection to create truly amazing bouquets. Here is a listing of some of our favourites: yarrow, columbine, feverfew, cosmos, sunflowers, scabiosa, tulips, ranunculus as well as some interesting items throughout the season.

What are the membership benefits?

  1. Exceptionally fresh, high quality, locally grown flowers
  2. Flowers grown all natural without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers
  3. Flowers that aren’t sprayed with chemicals to make them last which are harmful to your home and family
  4. Contributing to our local economy & rural employment
  5. Opportunity to learn about flowers & plants that grow in our region
  6. Getting to know your flower farmers
  7. Supporting the Buy Local movement
  8. Support biodynamic, sustainable land management practices
  9. Member specials in the near future (stay tuned!)
  10. Free vase with sign up to get you started

What can I expect?

If you are already a fan of flowers you will love receiving a new arrangement each week. You already know how flowers connect us to the seasons and fill our lives with their beauty, colour and joy. Or you will come to appreciate flowers in your home or office as a new source of happiness. Our CSA shares include a vase and our hand-tied designs come delivered to your door steps.

How long will my bouquet last?

Shipping time for commercial flowers grown almost exclusively abroad will reduce the vase life. Locally grown with zero time shipping will last longer as we harvest flowers the night before or early morning of delivery to your home or office. It may vary depending on what flowers were used in your bouquet but you can expect your bouquet to last a whole week.

How do I take care of my flowers?

To extend the quality and vase life of your bouquet, please replenish water and re-cut stems every other day. Also keep flowers away from direct heat and sunlight or electronics like TVs and computers. Another tip is to make sure your vases are properly cleaned regularly and filled with fresh water for the next delivery.

What is the membership?

Our CSA shares are basically subscriptions for weekly or bi-weekly flower deliveries. The membership is yearly and you will receive a free vase with your very first flower delivery. The CSA model allows us to participate in opportunities we weren’t able to us to grow our selection of flowers for you. Thank you for your support.

One bouquet is not enough! Can I have more than one?

As a current member of the CSA we can offer additional bouquets with your delivery. Please let us know at least 3 days in advance so we can ensure we have flowers and time to hand-tie the bouquet. Please contact us at CSA@prairietough.ca to discuss the details (availability, colour preference if available, price, delivery date etc.).

I’m going on Vacation. What do I do?

It is easy to find someone like a neighbor or friend to accept delivery for you (who would say no to flowers?) and enjoy the bouquet. If you need to re-route delivery please contact us at CSA@prairietough.ca well ahead of time to see if we can add the address to our delivery tour. We also offer to trade one week’s delivery for a two bouquet delivery at another week within the same CSA season. Please give us plenty of notice to arrange for the change.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund or credit on CSA shares.

I want to give the CSA as a gift. Is that possible?

Wow, can you be my friend too? :-) If you want to give a share as a gift, please contact us at CSA@prairietough.ca to provide relevant details (name of your friend, delivery address etc.)

How much does it cost? We offer two options:

A) Full CSA share: 12 bouquets delivered weekly (~$21.50 each) for $265/season

B) Half CSA share: 6 bouquets delivered every second week (~$23.50 each) for $145/season

What is included in the price?

Included in the price is the membership, 6 or 12 hand-tied bouquets depending on your CSA choice, delivery fees and a free vase. Members will also receive right of first refusal on the following season’s CSA, a discount on plants and herbs and other offers.

How do I join?

Please click here to buy your full or half CSA share:

All shares are sold in advance and have to be paid in full at time of sign up. We accept credit cards, cheque and cash.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds, except in extreme circumstances. It is best to contact us so that we can explore possible options, including asking a friend/neighbour/family member to finish your CSA for you if need be.

I have a business. Is a CSA of local flowers a good idea?

Our bouquets are a great idea for local businesses looking for a colourful, fresh display of flowers grown right here in the area. In order to keep the fresh look of your arrangement please remove wilted buds or leaves, renew water daily and you will be able to enjoy it for a week. Delivery date is Saturday; please make sure somebody is available to receive the bouquets.

I can’t handle strongly scented flowers. Can you accommodate this?

Most flowers are not very fragrant; however a few are (sweet peas, lilac etc.). Just let us know your concern and we’ll make sure your deliveries of flowers will have little or no scent.

What else do you other offer? What about off-season?

We also sell your favourite flowers to plant in your backyard. Please contact us to see what is available. We are planning on adding several specials and also off season offers. We are investigating dried bouquet in fall, holiday wreath in December and some indoor flower arrangements for the winter season. Stay tuned.

What if I want a specific flower? Will you hold it for me?

Unfortunately, currently we can’t accommodate special requests. However, we will ask for your preferred and least favourite colours at the time of sign up. While we can’t promise anything due to seasonal supply of flowers, we will try and take your preferences in account. We try to grow a larger quantity of our client’s favourites and therefore appreciate any feedback to steer our flower selection for the next season.